Referee:          Ken Patterson
Rule Set:         Traveller 5
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Any
# of Players:    7

There are… occasions… when the Imperial government calls upon their Black Ops operatives to conduct timely missions of great importance. This is one of those occasions. A failed assassination attempt, on a high noble, will bring swift retribution. Your team's mission?  To render these failures as “persona non grata” and “remove them from the playing field”. Your orders?... to terminate the failed assassins… with extreme prejudice. So, gear up soldier! Your briefing starts in 5 minutes…. 

(This is a fast-paced game where the players are members of an elite commando-style team, and have a high-priority mission to execute, in a short amount of time.)

Characters will be provided.

1 ~ Hoyle Anderson
2 ~ Dale McCoy
3 ~ Timothy Salisbury
4 ~ William Salisbury

NOTE:  This game's available pre-registration slots are full.  You can sign up for this game, in-person, at the convention, or you can choose from one of the other quality games offered.

Termination Order