Time Slot:       Saturday, 8am
​Referee:          Bob McAndrews / Dead Games Society
Rule Set:         MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Any
# of Players:    6

Oberlindes Lines has hired Arabella von Ericsson's starmerc unit to clear their Aramis and Regina subsector routes of remaining Vargr stragglers. She, and her Roc’s Talons, simply mean to eliminate any and all Vargr. Humans think she is nice, but she’s as mean as a junkyard Vargr. This time your Corsair band has the drop on her!

Note:  If you have played in any previous Dead Games Society (DGS) game, bring your lanyard with you to Travellercon to add additional dice and emblems for each game played.

Characters will be provided.

1 ~ Eric Rhude
2 ~ Patrick Dwyer
3 ~

DGS Presents:  Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Vargrs of War