DGS Presents: Macene Piracy Cruises

NOTE:  This game's available pre-registration slots are full.  You can sign up for this game, in-person, at the convention, or you can choose from one of the other quality games offered.

Referee:          Ken Patterson / Dead Games Society
Rule Set:         MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Intermediate
# of Players:    6

The Dead Games Society presents: Macene Cruise Lines, the Ultimate in Pirate Tourism.  


Welcome aboard our beautiful Macene Cr
uise Lines vessels.  

If you love adventure, that’s what we have in store for you.  Our enticingly decadent craft will slowly cruise the pirate infested asteroid fields of Macene, waiting to get hijacked by pirates. While we don't guarantee pirates will attempt to board, but if they do - we encourage our patrons to feel free to defend themselves with their own high powered weapons they bring along on the cruise. If you don’t have weapons of your own, no problem... we have several rental packages to choose from.   

Remember our motto… “It’s like a safari, only better.”

Characters will be provided.

1 ~ Harry Bryan
2 ~ Bill Potter
3 ~ Myron Crandall
4 ~ Michael Kanarek