Referee:          Ben Forest
Rule Set:         Mongoose 2nd Edition
Game Type:     Role Playing
# of Players:    6

Your space merchant ship has been losing money, so the plan is to take on a "unique" and "profitable  opportunities. Please, no more mis-jumps, deadly Xeno-morphs, or being stranded waiting for a replacement part to arrive. In this case; you have been chartered to a remote - and reportedly boring - world in the Gliston sub-subscotor, bringing passengers and supplies. Gig includes a free stay at the local hotel - four star rating - with an ocean view located near the starport. Seems like the perfect ticket, finally money-making  milk run . Oh, one other thing...

Players are the crew and partners of a "Far-Trader" class vessel. Pregenerated characters or bring your own
(subject to review).

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Grand Hotel