Time Slot:       Friday, 7pm
​Referee:          Greg Caires
Rule Set:         Classic Traveller
Game Type:     Role Playing
Experience:      Beginner
# of Players:    7

Three years after the Flying Dutchman Incident the Deep Space Rescue Service is a demoralized shell of its former once proud organization. Only the loyalist Sappers remain in service, prepared to help other Spacers in distress, when they bother to even agree to accept your assistance. And now, amid your latest patrol, another Flying Dutchman like incident unfolds. A Leviathan class merchant cruiser has jumped into system, rocketing sunward, unresponsive and likely in need of your intervention. With mixed emotions your unit dons vacc suits and prepares once more to venture into the cold hardness of space so “that others may live.”  

1 ~ David Thomas
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So Others May Live Redux