Time Slot:       Saturday, 1pm
​Referee:          Noah Ternullo
Rule Set:         Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition
Game Type:     Role Playing
Experience:      Beginner
# of Players:    6

Well, you and your friends are bears, uplifted bears, but still when you look in a mirror, you see a bear. You tried to be a good bear, did everything they asked you, never asked questions, and you always got a reward after every mission.  Now your best friend tells you somethings gone wrong and your "program is going to be terminated".  Sounds  pretty bad, and you figure you'll need to vamoose just as quick as you can.  There's just so many military people, and they're always so persnickety about their starships being taken.  It will certainly be hard work, but It was at least nice of them to teach you heavy weapons, explosives, battle dress, electronic warfare, Gun Combat, Melee Unarmed skill, and the like. You reckon that improves the odds just a smidgen.   

1 ~
Myron Crandall
2 ~
William Crandall
3 ~
Eric Betts

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Bad News Bears