DGS Presents: The Countess and Counting

Referee:          Bob McAndrews / Dead Games Society
Rule Set:         Classic & MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Beginner
# of Players:    7

The Dead Games Society presents: The Countess and Counting.
Things are dicey in the Border Worlds. Wedged between the Sword Worlds and Imperial space these planets wish to either return to the Sword World Confederation or become more independent. On the Amber world of Durendal, your mercenary team smuggled in a young Countess to rescue her father, the rightful ruler of Durendal. You succeeded, sort of. Your small team defeated an island Guard Force but now Imperial regulars are on their way to reclaim their prisoner and Durendal. Can you save yourselves and save the free and independent world of Durendal. Good Luck!

1 ~ Eric Rhude
2 ~ John Francavillo
3 ~ Michael Kanarek
4 ~