DGS Presents: Desires Dealt

Referee:          Bob McAndrews / Dead Games Society
Rule Set:         Classic & MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Beginner
# of Players:    7

The Dead Games Society presents: Desires Dealt.

You do not have the millions of credits needed for your independent desires. Though you have 20 million to buy into a card game, where, if you win, the eccentric host will provide
for your needs, whatever the cost. If you lose, you’re out. Are you a sore loser or a happy winner? Each PC will have a different “desire” (objective) ranging from the purchase of a ship to a life-time supply of Anagathics.

Some will have desires that are opposed to the other players. How will you discover who has what requests and how their success will affect you – or lack there to.

Enjoy the game – just don’t be the one with the Dead Man’s Hand.

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