Referee:          Greg Caires
Rule Set:         Classic Traveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Beginner
# of Players:    5

Traveller adventures usually feature grizzled veterans and civilian retirees old enough to worry about aging rolls and ED meds. Here, players can live the very first days of their characters’ careers by navigating the trials and tribulations of a preparatory school for aspiring Imperial Navy and Marine officers. Can you persevere in the face of academic and physical adversity? How will you choose when confronted with issues of duty, honor and ethics? Intrigue abounds on this campus where the administration turns a blind-eye toward secret societies and a Code Duello designed to address peer-slights and increase social
standing. More difficult than simply surviving character generation - your goal is to graduate from...The Grand Fleet Academy.

1 ~ Stephen Kissinger
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Grand Fleet Academy