Kuriri Kushsisse (The Pink Slip) (Sun 8:30-12:30)

Referee:          Keith Frye    
Rule Set:         MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Role Playing
Player Level:    Any
# of Players:    6

With the Vilani Capitulation in place the Rule of Man is underway.  Various specialist troubleshooter teams are dispatched to shore up the RoM's less-than-steady grip.
On the planet Nushuukur, defacto HQ of the Imperial Navy in the Zarushagar Sector, various Vilani agencies are being re-integrated into "The Rule". Intelligence is received that the Imperial Governor of the planet Adni is defying the terms of the Capitulation. Resolve this misunderstanding, or relieve the governor from his post.

1 ~ Megan Frye
2 ~ Chris Lucangeli
3 ~ Sam Watterson
4 ~