One Crowded Hour at the Casino

Time Slot:       Saturday, 7pm
Referee:          John Devine
Rule Set:         Mongoose Traveller / Vilani Poker Sehkori
Experience:      Beginner
# of Players:    6

Every year, for the past 10 years, the best-of-the-best gamblers, card sharks, and nobles all get together.  All putting their $10 million credits on the line during this one month contest named the "Vilani Merchants Sekhoma Tournament" (Vilani Poker).  The pride of the fleet, the "Astrial Splendor", a Rax 500 ton heavy merchant starship, holds the tournaments during the month, swapping out losers for winners at each stop, each week.  You have made it to the second-to-last trip... beating many other gamblers, some may be friends, and other rivals now.  If you win during this trip, you are guaranteed a spot on the last 5 seats of the Grand Tournament.  You have been waiting for over 3 years, saving for your chance.  The spots are filling up... hope you are good at Vilani Poker and won't crack under the pressure and financial ruin of being here.​​

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