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Time Slot:       Friday, 7pm
​Referee:          Ken Patterson / Dead Games Society
Rule Set:         MegaTraveller
Game Type:     Roleplaying
Player Level:    Any
# of Players:    6

A downed Imperial Frontier Cruiser lies broken, and adrift, in the ammonia sea of an icy hell-world in the Vargr Extents. Some of her high-tech fighters may have survived the crash, and would be a valuable prize for any of a number of different enemies of the Imperium. Your team’s mission: To beat the other factions to the fighters, and render them unrecoverable – by anyone. So, gear up soldier! Your briefing starts in 5 minutes….

(NOTE: This is a deadly, fast-paced, game where the players are members of an elite commando-style team, and have a high-priority mission to execute, in a short amount of time.)

Note:  If you have played in any previous Dead Games Society (DGS) game, bring your lanyard with you to Travellercon to add additional dice and emblems for each game played.

Characters will be provided.

1 ~
Dwane Bowen
2 ~
Brian Godshall
3 ~
Rob Fedick

DGS Presents: Prize Fighter