The Battle of Agidda Delta/Rufiji

Interstellar Wars: Ross 154

Referee:          Keith Frye
Rule Set:         Power Projection: Fleet
Game Type:     Miniatures
Player Level:    Any
# of Players:    5

During the Interstellar Wars, an Imperial Battleship, the Karunasborg, suffered a jump systems failure as a result of wilderness maintenance while in the Ross 154 system, known to the Vilani as Agidda. The battleship is attempting to effect repairs while in orbit around the fourth planet in the Ross 154 system; Agidda Delta/Rufiji. A Terran scoutship has detected the Karunasborg and lived to tell the tale: now the Terran Confederation has dispatched a heavy cruiser squadron with orders to destroy the Karunasborg and any important escorts.

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