The Awful Green Things from the Spinward Marches

Time Slot:       Friday, 7pm
​Referee:          Patrick Muller
Rule Set:         Traveller Home Brew
Game Type:     Miniatures
Experience:      Beginner
# of Players:    6

This is what you get when a Hiver runs an organic farm. A DNA sequencer, a head of lettuce and a shady steward to bring it to market. How would you like your Awful Green Things sir? Scrambled, lightly roasted, battered and fried or the house special, Traveller style? It's got bite! Rules are a blend of Traveller and the Tom Wham classic. 

Meanwhile, Aboard the Empress Del'daria Maravia class Location: Jumpspace, currently enroute from Risir to Deneb (after a brief stop at Woaros) Red Alert! Red Alert! This is the Captain.....An infestation of an unknown species of xenomoph has been discovered aboard ship. Use whatever is available to rid us of these....these.....Awful Green Things. As we are in jumpspace, there will be no outside help! Praise the Lord and pass the Zgwortz! That is All. Or come to the Green side...we have truffles!

1 ~ John Runyan
2 ~
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