"Socialize?  I do that on the Internet."   ~ Ken Burnside
"G.I. ZHO!  Real Consular Hero!"  ~ Ken Burnside
"The backup plan?  Nuke and run for the lifeboats."  ~ Juliean Galak
"Wait…this is Traveller…do starships actually have a self-destruct button?"  ~ Tony Finan
"The sound of screwing came from the bridge"?  What, that’s how I heard it!"  ~ Tony Finan
"Power Projection uses Newtonian physics, just like Traveller…"  ~ Steve Osmansky
       "…So if you’re having trouble with the game, throw an apple at it?"  ~ Mark Grossman
"Don’t lie to me…as a Vargr, I know what crap smells like."  ~ Megan Haithcock
"You didn’t just say "Hiver Table Dancer", did you?"  ~ Tony Finan
"It’s not looking good for the rebels — apparently they put in the Track Team and gave them armor..."  ~ Heather Hupp
"Hey!  I’m paying for a room tonight to play in your game tomorrow…jackass!"  ~ Mark Kinsey
"He’s in the adventure zone and he took off his space suit?"  ~ Mark Kinsey
"'No adventure survives contact with the players."  ~ Tony Finan