If you’re jumping into an Amber Zone, you’d better be at least a little shady. ~Anonymous
I have these odd dreams. ~Anonymous
Tony F:      "You guys start out in Solomani-claimed space."
Keith F:      "ALL space is Solomani-claimed. It’s just that much of it is also not 
controlled by the Solomani."
Tony F:       "You’re not wearing your space suit?"
Mark K:       "No, just the helmet with my regular clothes…isn’t everyone dressed like that?"
Tony F:       "No.  They’re all in vacc suits."
Megan H:    "I guess he didn’t get the memo…"
Megan H:    "DRAIN McPhail!"  
Tony F.:      "All we need is your thumb!"  
Tony F:       "McPhail is in the hands of the natives…being reduced to a syrup."
Tony F’s Players:       "Ewwwwww!"  

Firefly-Traveller Crossover:
Megan H. (as Kaylie)   "It’s been two hours and we’re STILL on the plan?"
Mark K. (as Zoe):        "The plan will take two hours. It will take about twenty minutes to die…"
Frank C. (as Simon):   "This is a terrible idea!  And I don’t even know what it is yet."

Keith F. (as Jayne):     "Do we have a plan yet? You people are wasting a powerful lot of air..."
Megan H. (As Kaylie):  "You pass enough wind for all of us, Jayne."
Mark K. (As Zoe):        "Anyone else think this 'plan' will fail & Wash will have to swoop in & rescue us?"
Everyone:                   "Yeah."

Juliean G. (As Wash):  "If we have two limos then this will be simple.  Well, not 'simple' but we can do it."

Keith F. (as Jayne):     (Impersonating a caterer):    "Hey doc, lookit!  They gots little cans of cheese you can squirt in yer mouth!"  
                                 (Proceeds to empty a can of cheez-wizz down his throat).
Frank C. (as Simon):   (Impersonating a party guest):     "Jayne, those are usually reserved for crackers."
Mark K. (as Zoe)         (Just  plain disgusted)       "Seems about right."

Stargrunt II quotes:
Guy C.             "What happens after triple suppression?"
Juliean G.         "You get double-secret suppression."

Mark K.            "You guys gotta get in here before my die rolls get bad."
Keith F.            "Too late…"

Jim L.:             "Drunks in the open: Fire for effect!"   

Jim L.:             "We’re not alcoholics.  We don’t go to meetings!  We’re not QUITTERS!   


Guy C.                       "I don’t think it’s going too bad."

Frank C.                     "Your men are surrounded. Try telling THEM it isn’t too bad." 

Strength on Strength Quotes:

McPhail:                        "Don’t bother our technicians."

Frank C.:                       "Oh, we’re not gonna "bother" them - we’re gonna 'KILL' them."


Tony F. (as Zhodani

  Commando Leader):   "You proles have defective genetics."

Frank C. (as Prole

  Commander):              "I’m really gonna miss these guys."


Tony F.:                    (is rolling against penetration.)    "An EIGHT!"

Megan H.                  (rolls)    "A nine."

Tony F.                          "I…I rolled an eight."

Keith F.                          "Oh good. You’re just a little bit defeated, then."


Tony F.

  (Real Zhodani Hero) : "We're being *decimated*!"

Frank C.:                       "Not really. "Decimated" means we lost one man in ten. This is more like we're being ANNIHILATED."

Keith F.:                         "Don't you feel better, knowing the proper extend of our massacre?"

Tony F.:                        (thinks about it for a moment, then)    "NO!"


(The Zhodani are running through units like water)

Tony F.:                     "I blame our Intelligence..."

Megan H.                       "Oh don’t say that. You are clever, clever men…"


Mike M:                          "I wasn’t talking to you…"

Tony F.:                          "I’m Zhodani. You’re always talking to me."


Keith F.:                          "We gotta hit the Imperials when they’re 'shaken'."

Frank C.:                        "Yeah, THAT’s gonna happen."