Lancaster, PA/Terra/Solomoni Rim

Presenting:  Your TravellerCon/USA T-Shirt

Kickstarter members, who pledged the appropriate reward level, will receive their shirt at the Registration Desk when they arrive at the Con.  Others will be available for purchase during the convention.   
( 2020 SPECIAL VIRUS ADDITION version shown - available until November 1, 2020 - send an email to to purchase)

‚ÄčThe 2019 Convention Coin shows the logo, and name, of the Kforuzeng Corsairs. Known for their extreme ruthlessness, they prowl the Gvurrdon Sector of the Vargr Extents. 

Additional challenge coins are available for sale for $20 each.

( The 2019 Convention coin is shown below )

Convention Coin and Shirt