Lancaster, PA/Terra/Solomoni Rim

"We play with dead things!"

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If you'd like to place a business card size ad in the convention booklet, you can submit your ad, (in .jpg, .bmp, .png or .gif format), to Your ad will be featured on the website for a minimum of 6 months and will also appear in this year's convention booklet, (full-page advertisement). The fee for this year's ad space is $15.00. You can either submit by check, money order, or by clicking on the Paypal button below (specify in your email if you are using a different payment method than Paypal) 

 Join us, at tables 8 and 9, to play those old versions of Traveller you love from the past.

Note:  If you played in a Dead Games Society (DGS) game, during last year's convention, bring your lanyard with you back to Travellercon to add additional dice and emblems for each game played.

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